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snackle box snack ideas.

Snackle Box Bliss: Your New Obsession for On-The-Go Snacks

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Ready to level up your snacking game? The snackle box is about to become your newest snacking obsession! Use this complete guide to discover the best container options, how to make a snackle box, as well as delicious snackle box ideas. The snackle box is truly going to change the way you eat on-the-go! Let’s dive in….I hope you’re hungry!


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What is a Snackle Box?

A snackle box is a portable snack tray with dividers and a lid, typically made from a fishing tackle box.  (tackle box + snacks = snackle box) A variety of snacks or charcuterie are arranged in the organized compartments of the tackle box, making it the perfect blend of organization and portability for taking snacks on-the-go. These tackle box charcuterie containers can easily be used in the car, on an airplane, on a picnic, or even for use at home. We love to use them when traveling!

tackle box charcuterie ideas filled with fruits, cheeses, crackers, and beef sticks.

Snackle Box Container Options

Snackle boxes are typically made from tackle boxes or plastic craft boxes with adjustable dividers. I have tried both tackle boxes and craft boxes and prefer the tackle boxes since they seem to be more durable and the latching system is better for keeping it sealed. Craft boxes could be a good choice if you are wanting a cheaper option to start with.

Here are three more things to consider when choosing your snackle box container:

1. Find the right size. There are a variety of options on Amazon in different shapes and sizes. Make sure to look at the dimensions of the tackle box to see if it is the right fit for your use. A larger container is ideal for feeding the whole family or a group of friends. Alternately, smaller containers can make perfect individual portions. Snackle boxes range in price from $8-$40.

2. Pick one with adjustable dividers. I definitely recommend choosing a container with adjustable dividers. Some snackle box (or grazing box) options on Amazon have sections that are all the same size. This would prevent you from including longer items such as beef sticks, cheese sticks, cookies, etc.

3. Make sure it is food safe. Most importantly, make sure the container you use is food safe and BPA-free. If it is not food safe, you will want to use a food safe liner of some kind, such as parchment paper.

snackle box container option using a plastic craft box.
Snackle box made with a plastic craft box

The Best Snackle Box Container

After trying a variety of snackle boxes, this box from SubSafe is hands down my favorite. It is a great size and the latches work seamlessly. I love that it is waterproof so you can easily use it in a cooler or at the lake! 

An amazing bonus for this tackle box charcuterie container is that it comes with two smaller waterproof containers for spreads and dips as well as a cheese knife. The adjustable dividers are easy to modify, making packing foods of any size a breeze.

A picture of our favorite snackle box container, called the charcuterie safe from the brand "Sub Safe".

Preparing Your Snackle Box

All you need to do to prepare you snackle box is to wash it thoroughly with hot soapy water, and adjust the dividers to your preferred sizes. Easy as that!

How to Make a Snackle Box

Now that your snackle box is prepared, simply fill the containers with a variety of foods. I like to use an assortment of sweet and salty snacks and include plenty of protein. Depending on where you are using your snackle box container, you may want to stick with finger foods and avoid foods that tend to get messy.

If you want your snackle box to be visually appealing, I recommend including a variety of colors and textures. Fruits, veggies and candy are a great way to add color variety, while granola balls, popcorn, and nuts add a nice range of textures. You can even garnish with sprigs of rosemary or thyme!

Pouring snacks into a snackle box with divided containers.

Snackle Box Ideas

The options are truly endless when deciding what to put in your snackle box! You may even want to choose a snackle box theme such as a candy snackle box, a gluten-free snackle box, or a s’mores snackle box.

Any items that would work well on a charcuterie board, would most likely would great as a snackle box idea. Use the list below or come up with your own tackle box charcuterie ideas!

  • Meats – Salami, beef jerkey, ham, prosciutto, pepperoni
  • Cheeses (sliced or cubed) – Cheddar, pepper jack, gouda, gruyere, colby jack, havarti, and swiss
  • Nuts – Cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, mini peanut butter protein balls
  • Olives – black olives, green olives, kalamata olives
  • Sweets – Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Skittles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, chocolate covered nuts
  • Sliced veggies – cucumbers, carrot sticks, celery sticks, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, pickles
  • Fruits – Blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apple slices, orange slices, raisins, blackberries, dried fruit, and coconut rolls
  • Grains – Crackers, pretzels, popcorn, pita, baguette, granola balls
  • Dips – Hummus, ranch, cheese spread, jam
A collection of snack ideas to put in your snackle box including crackers, meats, fruits, and cheeses.

Snackle Box Ideas for Kids

Creating a snackle box for kids is such a great way to provide a fun variety of snacks! And we all know that when you travel with kids, snacks are everything. Cater to your child’s preferences while also including a few new items to keep it fresh!

Some child-specific options could include animal crackers, cheese crackers, cereal, yogurt melts, and an applesauce pouch. We always like to include healthy snackle box ideas when packing for kids to keep their energy sustained and avoid those infamous sugar crashes.

Snackle Box Ideas for Adults

If you’d like to elevate your snackle box charcuterie for a group of adults, think FLAVOR! Include foods such as aged cheddar, marinated olives, garlic hummus, prosciutto, and dark chocolate covered almonds. Now that’s a road trip snack box I can get on board with!

Snackle box ideas printable featuring different categories of snacks.

How to Store and Clean Your Snackle Box

If you have not included anything that needs to be refrigerated, then just toss your snackle box in your bag and be on your way! If you have included refrigerated snacks, you will want to pack a cooler with ice to keep everything cold and fresh.

Cleaning your snackle box is as easy as washing it inside and out with hot soapy water.  Or if your snackle box is dishwasher safe, such as our favorite, then simply run it through the dishwasher with your next load of dishes!

When to Use Your Snackle Box

Snackle box containers can be used for all sorts of occasions and in a variety of locations. Some of our favorite ways to use a snackle box include:

  • Picnics
  • Sporting events
  • Tailgating
  • Road trips
  • Boating
  • Beach trips
  • Plane rides
  • At home
  • Parties
  • Gifts
A child using a snackle box on a road trip.

Using a Snackle Box as a Gift

A snackle box can make a fun, unique gift that anyone will love! Simply think about the recipient’s favorite foods and create a snackle box filled with snacks they will love. This can be a fun gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation, or a gift for a coach, friend, child, or service provider. Wrap with a pretty bow and no wrapping is even necessary!

Snackle Box Ideas: Recap

With all of these snackle box ideas, tips and tricks you are fully equipped to create the snackle box of your dreams! Simply purchase a food-safe tackle box or craft box, prepare it by washing it out, fill with a variety of snacks, and you’re ready to go! Happy Snacking!

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